Defamation, it’s a 10 letter word

Our anna has decide to threaten us with legal action.

In the immortal words of George W. Bush “Bring it on”.

We are not afraid of anna. We are not hiding from her. This is an open page

Our anna’s mindless threats have been made numerous times, and she have never had the courage to following through with any of your threats of legal action. Our anna’s solicitor of record can explain how the words service and discovery have specific meanings in the legal fraternity. We could contact her for anna, if she would prefer.

Our anna also claim we are “afraid to show our face”. But this is a comment coming from a person with 7 separate active accounts, and who uses 9 separate names that we are aware of. We expect there are more. Many, many more. If you look at all 7 active accounts you will note a complete lack of pictures of anna. One could ask, who is trying to hide?

We are sorry to tell anna, but this is the internet. social media is about getting information out into the public domain that others would benefit from knowing about. We have no interest in hiding things.

Unlike what anna did when she demanded that people stop using her image. An image taken by a newspaper photographer. An image our anna willingly posed for.  An image that is owned by NewsCorp. An image that our anna demanded a Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown order on.




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