How to make money off Mason Lee

It is known that our anna runs a facebook group called Justice for Toddler Mason Jet Lee.
A noble cause you would think. Noble, unless of course it involves our anna.
On the 16th of August our anna and friends protested outside the Caboolture Court House as the accused killers of Mason were arraigned.
Our anna and friends were emblazoned with shirts with Masons’ image on them, with the logo ‘Accountability for Mason’.
Noble you say, until we look at the fact that our anna was caught trying to sell the shirts for $40. A profit of up to $24 per shirt.
Of course our anna had nothing to say on the matter, but her friend Robyn Armstrong has confirmed that the shirts were organised and commissioned by our anna, at a cost of $10 per print (if anna supplied her own shirts). And with black shirts available at k-mart (just down the road from the courthouse) for $6, the shirts would only cost our anna $16 each.
The confusing part is, why was anna charging $24 extra per shirt?
Was anna fundraising for Mason? No
Is there a fundraiser for Mason? No

It appears to be a pure money grab by anna, nothing more.

Hell of a way to show respect for a child who died, don’t you think?


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