Buddy, can you spare a dime for anna?

I’m sure we are all aware of anna’s money grab gofundme page. Still stalled at $1290 of the $10,000 she’s after, with no pledges in 3 months…
But what drew my attention were these two lines.

“Due to ongoing domestic violence issue and harassment and being left in $20,000 debt, I have no way to pay for a Solicitor.”
“He takes me to Court any chance he can. It is only about power and control for him and causing as much trauma as he can.”

Now, ignoring the abhorrent grammar from an ex-high school science teacher, lets look at the claims. Violence, harassment, power, control, trauma. All things that anna has demonstrated she is more than capable of.

If I was to ask one question of Anil (anna’s ex-husband) it would be ‘Did the accusations of domestic violence issues begin before or after the Family Court proceedings?’

*Update* It appears our question has been answered, but not quite how we expected.

In an appearence before the Caboolture Magistrates Court, anna’s accusations of a history of domestic violence were found to be ‘unsubstantiated’.

One would think, since the courts have found against anna’s accusation that she would revise her libelous claims. You would think.

Instead our anna has not only not revised the accusation, she has gotten others to share out the page again.

Fortunately no further pledges have been made. Maybe the anti-vaccination cummunity are starting to wise up to the money grabs by people like our anna. Or maybe they are just all tapped out.

Is a notorious Queensland antivaxer obtaining GoFundMe donations via deception and defamation?


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