How dare you defame our anna.

As we have already learnt anna loves to threaten to sue people for ‘defaming’ her.

I’m not sure that as an ex-high school science teacher our anna understands the meaning of the word defame, or any of it’s derivatives.

Here is another example of a threat to sue by our anna, where the people being threatened stood up to our anna.

The message is clear. go ahead anna stancombe, sue us!

So what did our anna do?

Approach her solicitor? File a civil case in the Caboolture Magistrates Court?

Nope, our anna reported the post to facebook for abuse…

Quoting the Morton Crime Watch admins “Facebook removed the post as it was recieving to many reports both on the post and on the comments.”

Our anna calls people cowards, and bullies, whilst making threats that she never intends to follow through with. Who is the real coward?


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