How low can our anna go?

Today we will look again into our anna and her involvement in her group ‘Justice for Toddler Mason Jet Lee’.

Today’s story comes from a local car club member. We will call him Floyd.

Floyd runs the Social Car Club, a local family car club based in Caboolture.

The Social Car Club has taken the death of Mason Lee to their hearts, and have organised several ‘Cruise of Mason Jet Lee’. The next one being on the 5th of November, meeting at the Big Fish Tavern 459 Pumicestone Road Caboolture at 10am.

Our Floyd was responsible for the design of several stickers available for sale to members of the Social Car Club and their supporters. Specifically Floyd made the ‘batman’ sticker.

Floyd, and the Social Car Club made these stickers available at a price of $4. Obviously a price that would barely cover the costs of making the stickers.

So, what does this have to do with our anna, you ask? Anna saw the stickers and decided that she wanted in on the action.

Our anna stole the sticker image that Floyd designed, and put it up for sale on her own page. When Floyd became aware of this he asked that anna remove the image from her page.

Did anna comply? Nope.
Did anna try and compromise? Nope.

So what did anna do?

She posted Floyd’s details onto her facebook pages.

And by details we mean Floyd’s Name, Floyd’s Address, Floyd’s Telephone Number, Floyd’s Date of Birth, Floyd’s Partners Name, AND Floyd’s Children’s Names…

Yes. On a page designed to promote awareness of child abuse, anna posted children’s names and addresses…

The other issue you may not have noted is on the image above. The image is our anna’s avatar for her facebook account. Well actually, it’s one of anna’s accounts. At least this one uses her real name.

As it says on the avatar image, our anna offered the ‘batman’ image for sale, at a price of $44 ea. For members only.


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