Attempted fraud, anna style.

Two things we have discovered in our short, but never ending journey. The first is that anna hates when people point out her evilness, and will do everything in her minuscule power to  sanitise comments to hide how evil she really is.

The second is that our anna has absolutely no idea how the internet, and specifically social media  really works.

Take, for example the time our anna tried to defraud an airline.

Our anna decided to make an insurance claim against an airline for a stroller she claims was damaged in transit. Keep in mind that we don’t know if a stroller was damaged, because with the chosen course of action our anna took, it is actually irrelevant.

To make an insurance claim against the airline our anna needed to demonstrate proof of purchase, eg. A receipt.

So our anna approached a retailer and asked for a receipt. Not the store she purchased the stroller from, but different store, some 18 months after the stroller was purchased.

We expect you would be surprised to find out that the store our anna chose did not want to go along with our anna’s plans. They declined to supply a receipt for a stroller that they did not sell. We are sure you are as surprised as our anna was.

Surely at this point the logical course of action is to approach the store that our anna purchased the stroller from? Or, we suppose anna could produce a fake receipt and submit that to the airline.

Sorry, but no bonus points for guessing that our anna chose option 2. And not just any receipt. A receipt for an amount well in excess of the retail price of the stroller.

As part of the insurance claim process the retailer was contacted to enquire why the ‘receipt’ they provided our anna was well in excess of the retail price of the stroller as displayed on their website.

The retailer not only confirmed that the receipt was faked, but have offered to provide any and all information to the police if required.

Needless to say, our anna’s insurance claim was not successful.

Now, how do you think our anna reacted to the retailer proving her a fraud, and a liar.

She stalked the retailers staff and harassed them with multiple threatening emails, false product reviews, abusive phone calls, to the point that she had the retailers staff in tears with her harassment.

Ironic don’t you think that the person who claims to be continually stalked and cyber-bullied, resorts to stalking and cyber-bullying when she doesn’t get her own way.

So when anna made a false feedback report, the retailer responded, showing just how much of a liar our anna is.



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