Only the rich can afford justice.

Today, we would like to revisit our anna’s money grab.

Our anna want us to pay for her legal challenge to her husband’s desire to vaccinate their children, A desire that has never been made to the courts, or in the courts.

Our anna posted multiple links to her gofundme page on Senator Richard Di Natale’s facebook page. When challenged she regularly responded ‘$1200 and counting’. We will note that this was 5 months ago, and our anna has been counting the same number since then.

The interesting point of today’s post was her comment “Not fair only the rich can afford justice”…

Again, you need to ignore the abhorrent grammar from an ex-high school teacher, and concentrate on that statement.

Only the rich can afford justice….

We raise this as it seems to fly in the face of  comments that our anna has made that have been sent to me.

Our anna is proud to brag that ‘I have travelled to 50 plus countries’…

Now, we here at SGFTVOCAP/S headquarters don’t consider ourselves to be rich, but none of us have visited 50 plus countries. In fact, when we combined all the countries we have visited it still don’t get anywhere near 50.

Our anna is a liar, and a thief. The money is not for her legal fees, or specifically not for what she claims.

We wonder if making fraudulent GoFundMe money grabs was how anna paid for her cruise to Papua New Guinea?

So it would seem that anna believes that only the rich can afford justice, but only when our anna gets others to pay for it for her, it appears.


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