What if the advocate is actually the ‘enemy’?

We have covered our anna’s involvement in the Justice for Mason push. A groundswell movement to get government policy changed to provide children in potential danger with a greater level of protection.

We have always said that this is a noble cause, except when our anna is involved. Our anna is only interested in her 15 minutes of fame. As well as the associated 30 pieces of silver anna has her hand out for.

One would think that the protection of children would be of paramount importance for our anna, being the admin of the Justice for Mason Jet Lee facebook page. As well as leading the protests outside the Caboolture Court House. (In this instance we will ignore the sale of overpriced shirts and pictures).

So, of course we were saddened to see that anna’s ex-partner Anil Patel decided to join in with anna attacking Sarah Hughes on social media by reposting an image of  Sarah’s child. We have chosen not to post the image of Sarah’s daughter, just to show the discussion following the posted image. Why would Anil join in attacking Sarah we thought. So we decided to have a closer look.


Firstly the Anil Patel facebook account is not the account Anil Patel usually uses.

Secondly, the Anil Patel account was created in the name Ava Patel, not Anil Patel.

Thirdly, Anil Patel has confirmed that the account was not his, or created by him.

Fourthly, Anil Patel has confirmed that anna had created facebook accounts for her children, in clear breach of facebook’s community guidelines (users must be at least 13).


The next question that we asked ourselves was, if not Anil Patel, then who created the account?

So we looked that the response that ‘Anil Patel’ posted…


because your a bully


There is only one person involved that has grammar so abhorrent as to have written this.

Our anna has used her children names to create account fictitious facebook accounts. And has now changed an account to attempt to represent her ex-husband.

did our anna do this to try and get her ex-husband drawn into the attempt to abuse Sarah’s children? Or was anna just trying to pretend that the attempted abuse was not actually her.

Only our anna can answer this, but blocking, abusing, reporting and threatening appear to be anna’s only responses.


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