Some children are less equal than others.

To make it clear, we here at SGFTVOCAP/S headquarters firmly believe in the benefits of childhood vaccinations. We make no apologies for wanting to protect our children.

As most would be aware our anna is a staunch, vocal (and abusive) member of the very small community who oppose vaccinations. In fact anna runs several such facebook groups.

People who oppose vaccinations believe that vaccines kill and maim. They often also believe that the government is run by lizards (illuminata), that we are sprayed with toxins by airliners (chemtrails), that the world is flat and many other disturbing conspiracy theories.

To support her belief our anna has no qualms attacking people whose children have died of diseases that vaccines protect against. Even if the children were too young to have been vaccinated.

The parents of Riley Hughes and Dana McCaffery have been consistently attacked by our anna for having the gall to speak out for something that could have saved their children.

Our anna and her friends have labelled the Hughes’s and McCaffery’s  child abusers, murderers, even rapists. Yes, Rapists.

So I’m sure you’d be surprised when we review her post on Brisbane Kids about a child that died from the complications of a circumcision.

Let that sink in for a while.

A child dying from the complications of a procedure with no medical benefit is tolerable, and the parents should be sympathised with.

But the parents of a child who died of a disease that vaccines prevent, but was too young to have received the vaccine are constantly labelled murderers and rapists because our anna believes the alleged side effects of a potentially lifesaving vaccine are not tolerable.

Can anyone explain how a person like this can run a group advocating against child abuse?

Hypocrisy, anna be thy name.



  1. These articles need editing for general grammar and sentence structure. Also, many of the claims aren’t backed up with links and screenshots. Finally I would remove some of the conjecture. If you want some help with editing then PM me.


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