Our anna, the collector.

We have come to realise that our anna is a collector. She likes to collect whatever she can.

She likes to collect money from people too naive or gullible to know better.She has a large collection of threats to sue for defamation. She also has a large collection of Magistrate Court appearances.

But oddly our anna also likes to collect facebook groups.

Our anna tries to worm her way into the confidence of group admins and offers to assist, convincing them to add her as an admin.

Then oddly all of the existing admins are magically removed, replaced with several of our anna’s multiple personalities.

That’s exactly what happened to the facebook group ‘Jobs, Careers, Employment Page from Bribie to North Lakes’.

Fortunately the admins were able to get control back before our anna could do any damage.

Unlike the group now called ‘Online abuse of Anna Patel/Stancombe’.

This group started as a buy/sell group as stated in the About comment “Buy and sell goods online for the Caboolture and surrounding area’s”.

It is now nothing but an internet dead end. Post a comment and it will be deleted. No ands, no ifs, no buts.

So if you are an admin of a facebook group (as this is where our anna lives her life) and you suddenly get a new friend who’s full of sugar and spice and all things nice who would like to be made an admin, be afraid. Be very afraid.


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