Does anyone want to buy a timeshare?

We know things have been pretty heavy here at SGFTVOCAP/S headquarters. So we thought we would lighten the mood a little.

Our anna purchased an Accor time share.

As is the way with our anna, everything involving the time share went wrong. So of course our anna complained.

Accor took our anna’s complaints on board and responded to each and every point our anna raised.

We will point out that Sharon Norburn, Accor Member Services Manager made the ollowing point in an email to our anna

We do not consent to the disclosure of any material or responses provided to you during the CIO process or the disclosure of any other correspondence between the parties.

So, of course our anna complied with this request, by posting this email, and the subsequent emails on the Accor Vacation Club Problem Review facebook page.

So here is the response to our anna’s complaints from Sharon Norburn. (we have copied this in case our anna decides to delete another of her posts).

And we don’t need to point out the use of defamation. lawsuit, slander. Is there anyone our anna won’t threaten to sue?

Might we suggest getting a cuppa and a few bikkies before you start.

UPDATE: Our anna has deleted the post on the Accor Vacation Club Problem Review facebook page.  We have updated the post with the screen shots. We did advise our anna we had already copied her post.




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