Kudos to Minister Hennessy

We at SGFTVOCAP/S headquarters are taking a break from our anna specific stories today, to highlight the cult that anna belongs to.

As we have covered before, our anna is an active, vocal and abusive member of the anti-vaccination community. A community that almost exclusively lives on social media.

Recent events in The USA and Australia have demonstrated that the number of anti-vaccinationists accounts for roughly 0.5%~0.6% of the population. Put in perspective if you walk into a room of 200 people, one of them  would be (on average) a member of the anti-vaccination community. They won’t speak up and tell you though, as they would be too busy on social media to realise that a human being is speaking to them.

We bring this up today due to the media attention that Victorian Health Minister Jill Hennessy has gained by drawing attention to the abusive way that the anti-vaccination community attack people who disagree with them.

Anna is one of the anti-vaccination community who think it is their right to abuse and attack people on social media. Humorously they always seem to insist that it is their right under their “Freedom of Speech” to say whatever they like. Who cares if “Freedom of Speech” is a uniquely American right, and Australia has no such freedom.

Here is just one of the articles in the media. The messages that Minister Hennessy has read out are only a selection of those she receives on an almost daily basis. They are also just examples of the ones that she could be published. There are much worse in her inboxes, twitter feed, and facebook.

We did take interest at the comment made by the message from AusFreedom21 who just happened to call Minister Hennessy a ‘pedophile’. Where have we heard that before? Oh, that’s right, out of the mouth of our anna. And oddly enough a pingback on AusFreedom21 returns to the Brisbane area, oddly enough.

Just keep in mind that our anna may or may not have been one of the “trolls” that Minister Hennessy is referring to. We have raised this as our anna is part of this community.

Besides, we all know that sending hate mail is something that our anna does, regularly.



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