Why can’t we be friends?

In the interesting journey that our anna has decided to take, she has set up several Mason Lee facebook groups.

Unfortunately the primary facebook group is no more, having been attacked by ‘trolls’.

We could spend time discussing if it ironic or just coincidence that the queen of using the facebook reporting algorithm to block anything that displays what sort of person she really is has had a group of hers removed by the facebook reporting algorithm.

But instead we thought we would look into who the trolls are that got our anna’s facebook group removed.

There are several names that we believe to have aided in it’s removal, but there is one name that we know for sure.

We would like you to meet a troll as identified by our anna.

The trolls name?

Cyndi Palmer.

Not sure who that is? How about Tia Leigh Palmer’s mother?

Yep, that’s right. Our anna’s troll is the mother of a child who was murdered while in foster care.

You would think that the admin of the Justice for Mason Jet Lee group and the admin of the ‪#‎justice4tialeigh group would be working together to get child protection laws changed.

But no, not when our anna is concerned. As is usual for our anna she decided that attack ‬was the best form of co-operation.

Unfortunately for anna, Cyndi didn’t take being attacked lying down. Cyndi responded by posting information about who the real anna is. Some of what Cyndi posted we have already covered.

As is usual for our anna she removed Cyndi’s post and blocked Cyndi’s access to the Justice for Mason Jet Lee group. As well as blocking everyone who posted in support of Cyndi.

Now Cyndi appears to heave learnt from the master. Cyndi reported the Justice for Mason Jet Lee group. As did all her friends.

And as anyone who knows how the facebook algorithm works, too many reports, say goodbye to your group.

How do we know all this? Because it has been discussed on the  ‪#‎justice4tialeigh group.

We initially posted a link to the  ‪#‎justice4tialeigh group when our short lived, but highly successful facebook group was active.

But after the arrest of Tia Leigh’s alleged killer the  ‪#‎justice4tialeigh group was made a closed group

As such we made the decision not to post the discussion, out of respect for Tia Leigh and Cyndi.


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