Don’t upset anna’s psychic.

For today’s story we will look into another of the private messages that our anna has sent out to another random person.

It would appear that there is no love lost between members of the psychic community.

Yes, we misread it too. We are talking about the PSYCHIC community.

Our anna decide to take offence at a local psychic. It appears that anna’s psychic and Kathy do not get on. So to assist her psychic our anna decided to go in to bat for her.

It should be noted that Kathy mistook our anna as a fake account of the other psychic. But Kathy should be forgiven as our anna has so many fake accounts how could anyone keep track of them

Of course every psychic loves to get feedback.

Hey dumb fuck the false legal shit you’re putting on your page is fucking hilarious keep posting it so we all get a laugh lmfao
Go take another Zantac

Again with the abhorrent grammar, including displaying her immense knowledge of the law, and dispensing medical advise.

All in one sentence,

Is there anything our anna can’t do.


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