Our anna tries to play the victim.

In today’s story we would like to look at another of our anna’s attacks on her ex-partner Anil.

Earlier this year our anna posted this message on the facebook group ‘The RED HEART Campaign – Giving domestic violence survivors a voice’.

The RED HEART Campaign encourages survivors of intimate partner violence, domestic violence and child abuse to share their stories of physical abuse, psychological abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse or financial abuse.

One really has to wonder what is going on within our anna’s head to post what she did to this group.The RED HEART Campaign is a support group for victims of domestic violence, not the perpetrators.

We here at SGFTVOCAP/S headquarters fully support the aims of the RED HEART Campaign. Nobody should be subjected to abuse of any sort, and we are disgusted that our anna has tried to use the RED HEART Campaign for her own personal gain.

Let’s look at what our anna wrote

What’s the point when Judges condone financial, emotional abuse and domestic violence…..
I was told by the ICL that supervised contact is not needed, even though ordered in March as its ok for him to send people to my home to a abuse and threaten my children and I. To send me pornographic pictures to my email and to get his friends to write damaging lies all over the Internet to the point it has affected my job…(further financial abuse). The Judge went further and said if I didn’t want the messages sent I could close my account! I guess the rape victim should just close her legs!!!!!!

Lets look at a few details:.

The Caboolture Magistrates Court found our anna’s claim of a history of domestic violence as ‘unsubstantiated.

The claim that people were able to ‘write damaging lies all over the Internet to the point it has affected my job’ is just an indication (if her claim is true) that our anna provided Anil’s friends with the required evidence. We have said before, if you live your life on the internet, it means your whole life is available for all to see.

If her own words came back to bite our anna, we believe the expression is ‘karma is a bitch my friend’.

The purpose of the Independent Children’s Lawyer (ICL) is to seek what is in the best interests of the children, not the parents. If the ICL does not support our anna, it is a good indicator that what our anna is doing is not in the children’s best interest.

And yes anna, you can just close your email account as suggested by the judge. We are sure you have multiple accounts as you need a unique one for each of the facebook accounts you have.

Comparing our anna’s situation to that of a rape victim is abhorrent. It is a comparison that no sane person should ever make. It is comments like this that just keep us going.


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