Our anna reviews Caboolture’s Law Firms.

We have covered our anna’s legal knowledge several times already, but today we will look at how much her opinion of the law differs from those ‘law talking guys’. Ladies too.

As is usual for our anna, if she doesn’t get her way, she has no qualms about providing negative feedback. She also has no qualms regarding the truth of any negative feedback given.

Take for instance when, in April our anna went looking for a solicitor. We are not sure why she needed a solicitor considering that our anna knows more about the law than anyone. We know this because she has told up so, numerous times.

Anyway, here are some of the feedback:

16th April – Useless. Avoid at all costs. Had the displeasure of using this firm years ago. Not well informed at all. Wrong information given, etc, etc. (one star)
18th April – Would never recommend this Solicitor. Unhelpful and all about the $$$$. Applied through them for Legal Aid and apparently can’t even answer questions or talk to me without money up front. Disgraceful. No compassion or empathy. (one star)
20th April – Do not ever go to this so called law firm for help. Abusive and unprofessional. (one star)
25th April – Paid $132 of money I did not have for them to apply for Legal Aid for me. Something most solicitors do for FREE!!! Not happy. Definitely no happy when shortly afterwards, circumstances had changed and I asked them to update the Legal Aid application for me and they refused without upfront payment. Disgraceful to rip off people already struggling. (one star)

You may note that our anna was after a legal aid solicitor. Makes us wonder if legal aid has ever been provided to a person who has travelled to over 60 countries.

The interesting part is that our anna eventually found a solicitor that she liked. One that was willing to pander to our anna’s  idiosyncrasies possibly?

16th September – Kristie is down to earth, easy to speak to and genuinely cares for her clients. Very rare for a solicitor. Would highly recommend Kristie, Thanks for all your help. (Five stars)

Oddly there is someone else who also recommends Kristie (or Kristie’s law firm).

One Anil Patel. You know, our anna’s ex-partner.


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