How to win friends and influence people.

We have covered numerous time our anna’s use of false feedback to abuse people who she doesn’t agree with.

Here is an example where she attacks a person going about their business, with complete disregard for her children.

Our anna used the free trail at Dribblerz indoor soccer . A program run by local man Rob Law. Our anna discovered that Rob did not agree with her anti-vaccination opinions. So what does our anna do?

Negative feedback on facebook.

We used the trial session. Rob Law’s attitude towards parents and society is not what I would want my Children to be around. His bullying should not be tolerated. (one star).

Notice that there is nothing in our anna’s comment to identify a failing in the service Rob Law provides. In Robs words the exchange was ‘polite disagreement’, yet in anna-land that becomes bullying. As does everything that anna disagrees with.

So, no surprise that anna’s followers jumped in to help our anna. Although we are confused as to why the five people who attacked Dribblerz needed to join in. None are from the Morayfield area. In fact three are from the USA.

  • Liz Hempel from Townsville
  • Ayse Deveci from Melbourne
  • Heidi Marie (Heidi Dunning) from America
  • Chelsea Brewer from America
  • Baylee OldAccount (Baylee Marie Belvin) from America

Is there any wonder that Dribblerz had to disable reviews to their facebook page.

The issue that we are concerned about is, what were anna’s children doing whilst she was having her polite disagreement with Rob?


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