Fear me, for I am anna.

Today we would like to look at an interesting post our anna put up when she was calling herself anna patel back in early 2015

The post in full:

All those nut jobs are pathetic, I’m a teacher and they actually call the Education board every time I voice my concerns on vaccinations. Guess it pisses them off I have a Science degree and I am a teacher and still don’t vaccinate. They are dangerous. I even receive death threats from Peter Tierney.

Who are the nut jobs that our anna call pathetic I hear you ask? The ‘nut jobs’ are anyone who opposes our anna’s opinions. If we look specifically at our anna’s views on vaccines this could be anyone from parents to the scientific community.

Late last year a parliamentary committee was held regarding the introduction of the no jab, no pay legislation. Our anna, with her science degree and eminent teacher did not appear on behalf of the anti-vaccination community.

The people who appeared at the parliamentary committee that opposed our anna’s views are a group of people who we believe are not pissed off that our anna is a teacher with a science degree who didn’t vaccinate her children.

Who are these people you ask?

  • Dr John Cunningham BSc(Hons), MBBS, MClinEpi, FRACS, FAOrthA, OAM
  • Dr David Hawkes BSc (hons) PhD  
  • Dr Racheal Heap FCICM, MRCP, MBBS, BMedSci
  • Dr Sue Ieraci MBBS FACEM
  • Dr Patrick Stokes BA(Philosophy) DPhils
  • Alison Gaylard – Representative of the Northern Rivers Vaccination Supporters
  • Heidi Robertson – Representative of the Northern Rivers Vaccination Supporters

We believe that these people would be more concerned that as a teacher our anna chose to teach her beliefs, not what the curriculum is supposed to be.

Our anna has several time made the claim that Peter Tierney has made death threats towards her. But for the years since she has made this claim all challenges to our anna to produce the death threats have fallen on deaf ears.  Peter Tierney has openly refuted these claims. Is our anna a liar. We know she is as we have already demonstrated this before.


We here at SGFTVOCAP/S headquarters would like to ask a question of anyone who has been a student, or is a parent of a student  taught by our anna.

Our question is – Our anna says we should challenge the norm, how did our anna react to any student who questioned or challenged our anna’s views?


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  1. I asked Anna a very very simple Chemistry question which she failed .She does not have a clue and I doubt that she has a degree .As she said she worked in R&D at Griffith university which was a lie .Plus has published many papers regarding vaccines which she could not show proof of


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