Mason fundraiser Part 2

Gee, what an exciting day it was yesterday, watching our anna in full flight.

Several things that we got from her attacks on Georgina Ford and Shuntel Lee

1. Only family can fund raise. Yep, the person who is no blood relation to Mason is telling Masons’s Aunt and her friend that because Georgina is not a relative the fund raising is a scam.




2. Shuntel and Georgina were the ones selling overpriced t-shirts and stickers. You know, the t-shirts that our anna was selling, and the image that our anna uses on one of her many, many profiles. A story we have covered before


3. Mason’s grave has a headstone. As we pointed out yesterday, Mason’s grave has a plaque. There is no headstone on the screenshot we posted yesterday, and have reposted here.


4. A headstone has been ordered. Interestingly our anna then claimed that there was a headstone already ordered. This was just a comment made by Jo Spina that our anna reposted. But we will also point out that Jo Spina also said that there was no headstone. and one could not be placed there, and that Shuntel was not the next of kin, and that a headstone had been chosen and had been ordered. It is easy to see that Jo Spina was on a journey of invention. Tell a lie to cover a lie to cover a lie.
We were actually surprised to discover that our anna and Jo Spina had never met. Jo Spina is a friend of Masons mother Anna-Marie Lee.

5. The best form of defence is attack. Our anna was on a rampage, attempting to deride the efforts of Shuntel and Georgina. We were most impressed with our anna’s comment

Anyone asking for donations, you would need to ask yourself WHY!!!!


Why indeed. An interesting comment coming from the owner of this gofundme page
Currently we are picturing a pot chasing a kettle arguing which of them is the blackest.

6. Defamation. Yep, our anna threw it in there. People challenge our anna’s views on life and it is instantly defamation. Who cares if our anna is calling people scammer and thieves, with absolutely no evidence to support what she says. Not once during the ‘discussion’ yesterday did our anna post a single thing supporting what she posted. She (and Jo Spina) both fell back into the petulant “prove me wrong” stance that liars telling lies use.

7. Fake profiles. Our anna challenged a person who posted the screenshot of our anna clearly saying she was going to spread the rumour that another person was into kiddy porn. She denied that the account in the name of anna patel was her. The account anna patel is now called anna stanconde. Of course you noted the deliberate mis-spelling of the surname. the URL for that account?

Wonder how many people knew that old facebook accounts have the name they are created in in the URL. Our anna’s old account was created in the name anna patel. Odd that a person who denies being anna patel has an account created in the name anna patel.

8. So many shares of our page. We shed a tear. Seriously we did. To see so many people post links to this page to challenge our anna’s lies. Heck, even anna quoted us.


9. Fake profiles II. Our anna was going off about people using fake accounts. We are always amused when anna does this. You know, our anna of ten names and nine facebook profiles.
On a previous post we discussed a facebook account in the name of Anil Patel, and that we were 99% sure that it was owned by our anna. So colour us surprised this morning when our anna took a screenshot of a comment Shuntel made. Now, since our anna has Shuntel blocked, anna had to use another of her many accounts. Guess which one she used. Welcome back Anil.

We would like to point out that our anna posted this twice, using two different accounts. Once using her justice for toddler mason jet lee account, and again using one of her anna stancombe accounts.


10. Serious time we are afraid. The point of groups like Mason Jett Lee’s Law, and even our anna’s justice for toddler mason jet lee page is to get laws changed so that our children are better protected. We here at SGFTVOCAP/S headquarters fully support this.

The issue with this movement is that we have people like our anna who are so intent on trying to change the past to suit their beliefs. You can’t change the future by changing the past. It just can’t happen.

The past is the past. It has happened and nothing our anna does can change that. Telling lies, abusing people, calling people scammers, paedophiles, rapists, murderers etc. do nothing to progress the cause of changing the child protection laws.

All we can do is try and change the present, to make the future a far better place.

While our anna stancombe is involved the damage to this cause is irreparable. Laws will never be changed whilst people allow anna stancombe to be the voice and the face of the Mason movement.

If you want to change things for the better, contact the local media and ask them, no, make them stop using anna stancombe as a voice for mason. If the media do not report our anna’s actions her influence, and her damage will be negated.


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