Only anna can make money for mason, it appears.

We interrupt our regular anna posts to bring you a special announcement.

As we have covered several times our anna runs the ‘justice for toddler mason jet lee’ facebook group. Recently,  our anna put up a post advising people not to contribute to a gofundme page set up by Mason’s aunt and her friend to organise for a headstone for Mason’s grave.

And why did our anna put up this post?

Because in anna’s own words:

People should not be trying to make money out of poor Mason – how adhorrent!!!

Seriously? did anna just sat that? yes she did.

Even after she was caught selling t-shirts where anna was making $24 per shirt?
Even after she stole an image created by Floyd and on sold it at $44 per image?

Abhorrent is attacking everyone who stands up for Mason,  not the people who stand up against our anna.

Our anna claims that Georgie Ford has no right to organise the fund-raising because she is not related to Mason. But exactly what is our anna’s relationship to Mason?

In anna’s opinion only family should be able to have anything to do with Mason, but anna has no relationship to Mason, in any way. Our anna never met Mason before he died. But anna has decided that only she has the right to decide who can stand up for Mason.

Abhorrent, is thinking that only our anna is allowed to make money off Mason.

Exactly what happened to the money anna made from selling stolen images and overpriced t-shirts. Did that get given to Mason’s family? We will never know because our anna will never say.

We have contacted Georgie Ford for more details, as such this post will be updated throughout the day.


We have been in contact with Shuntel Lee and have confirmed the following information that our anna has been posting is incorrect.

  1. Our anna has no relationship to Mason Jet Lee. You will note that our anna won’t answer this question when asked.
  2. Shuntel Lee is Mason’s Aunt.
  3. Georgia Ford is Shuntels friend.
  4. Georgia set up the gofundme page in conjunction with Shuntel.
  5. Shuntel is Mason’s designated next of kin.
  6. Shuntel has the required documentation to prove this.
  7. Mason’s mothers original funeral plan was only to include a plaque. Shuntel, as the designated next of kin has decided to overrule this and have a headstone placed on Mason’s grave.
  8. Shuntel is currently supplying this information to gofundme because our anna and Jo Spina reported the fund raising.

Update 2:

We have been contacted by Georgia Ford who has confirmed that

  1. Georgia ford is no relation to Mason. Georgia is just good friends with Shuntel
  2. Our anna has no relation to mason or his family.
  3. Our anna has done nothing but cause trouble for the mason family and a lot of other people.
  4. Shuntel Lee has the required documents from courts etc that demonstrated the she is next of kin for mason.
  5. Georgia does not know anna. Has never met her. Has never spoken to her.

Update 3:

Our anna has been actively deleting all comments from her post on her ‘Justice for toddle Mason Jet Lee’ page. We will be posting screenshots when we get the opportunity.

Our anna has actively attacked Georgia and Shuntel on the page ‘mason jett lee’s law’. Again we will post screenshots when we get the opportunity.

Update 4:

Our anna continues to attack the Georgia and Shuntel who are trying to do nothing more than raise money for a headstone for Mason.

Oddly, our anna has blocked Georgia, so spamming a group lying about the presence of a headstone, but doing it in a way that the organisers can’t see.

Where have we seen this action from anna before? Every time she can’t actually back up what she says. That’s when.

Update 5:

Screenshots added. You will note that the majority of comments from the ‘justice for toddler mason jet lee’ have been removed by our anna.

Also the last comment anna made in response to the question doesn’t he have a headstone, our anna replied “yes he does”. We have included a screen grab from a news report showing Mason’s gravesite.

Impressive headstone, don’t you think.

Our anna is a liar, who does not appear to care what she lies about, just so that she can cause trouble and get her 15 minutes of fame, and her 30 pieces of silver.

Update 6:

Quick update, in under 24 hours the gofundme fundraiser for Mason Jet Lee’s headstone has raised more that our anna’s ‘pay my legal bill’ fundraiser after 7 months & 8 days.

Here is the gofundme page, please make a small donation.



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