Begone anna, begone…

As a result of our anna’s efforts over this last weekend a member of the Caboolture community has started a campaign to get our anna banned from Social Media.

We here at  SGFTVOCAP/S headquarters fully endorse this effort.

It is a pity that it will not stop our anna.

To get our anna off Social Media you would need to know all of the names that our anna uses. Not just on facebook, but on all forms of Social Media.

We have stated before the list we have is not complete. We fully expect that even if this petition was successful all she would do is open a new account in another name.

What about blocking her home IP address? Again, that is easily changed.

As we said, we here at  SGFTVOCAP/S headquarters fully endorse this effort, and ask that anyone and everyone sign the petition.

Not to get our anna removed, but to display to our anna just how much hurt that she has caused in the Caboolture (and surrounding) community.

To quote the Reverend Charles Frederick Aked

It has been said that for evil men to accomplish their purpose it is only necessary that good men should do nothing.

Besides, if we ban our anna from Social Media, what would we report on? We mean, after we’ve exhausted the hundreds of screen shots that we have, and the multiple offers of messages anna has sent to people, what would we talk about??

Happy signing.



As expected our anna has had the petition removed because it is ‘bullying’.

It is unfortunate that Georgina just does not have the experience that our Anna does in using the internet to harass people.

Better luck next time Georgina.



New petition, but we wonder if there will be the same result.



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