Psycho, the remake

Welcome back to the continuing sage of anna.

Today we are going to look at a conversation that our anna had with another of the psychic community.

Again, we said psychic, not PSYCHO. Honest mistake, but we understand where you could make that error.

Now our anna has a friend (again, we were surprised too). This friends name is SHE WHO CANNOT BE NAMED. SHE WHO CANNOT BE NAMED is a psychic who operates from facebook under the name SHE WHO CANNOT BE NAMED.

SHE WHO CANNOT BE NAMED and another psychic had a difference of opinion, as psychics do.

Here is Janet’s explanation on what occurred. We will note that again, this is the second psychic we have seen interact with anna that was fooled by her fake accounts.

Sorry to say you have opened Pandoras Box or a very ugly can of worms LOL 😱 My run in with Anna Stancombe goes back quite a while! I and others that I am friends with, only had contact with her after I wrote the wrong thing on SHE WHO CANNOT BE NAMED’s page which was called ‘Living With Spirit’. SHE WHO CANNOT BE NAMED is a so called highly spiritual, self proclaimed Psychic Medium on the north side of Brisbane! My comment was nothing other than truthful though the fall out was nothing other than explosive!😳 At that time, I received a barrage of abuse and an IT friend of mine researched those that were doing so! As far as we know and have been able to work out, Anna Stancombe was a fake profile set up by SHE WHO CANNOT BE NAMED as a nasty, vindictive, aggressive, abusive and I’m sure she was hoping, an unidentifiable persona! Anna not only attacked me personally, she trolled my page and attacked my friends and work place!

There was more to this message, but since it involved SHE WHO CANNOT BE NAMED and not anna we will leave it for now.

We take special notice of the comment “she trolled my page and attacked my friends and work place!” Golly, where have we heard that before?

So what were these messages that our anna sent Janet?

Message 1

Anna Stancombe: You left degrading comments to someone who wouldn’t hurt a fly when there was no need for it. Here copy and paste this to your facebook status too. You think you don’t have friends on your page who are also disgusted in you?


Message 2

Anna Stancombe: Oh look it’s the nasty piece of work that likes to make fun of people for no reason how spiritual of you janet, how the hell you became a special needs teacher is beyond me. You’re a nasty woman!!


Message 3

Anna Stancombe: You are a NASTY NASTY person and you owe an apology how dare you go on to someone’s page and write what you did. What the heck gives you the right to act like that? Does it make you feel better to indicate someone is fat? Fucking low life you are!
Go get some psychological help because it’s obvious you have issues with weight that you need to go get sorted. Spiritual people don’t try to make fun of others. Your true colours have shown now and I hope you lose a lot of friends and business from it.



Can our anna explain again how she is the victim of bullying, trolling and online abuse?


UPDATE: We have been contacted by SHE WHO CANNOT BE NAMED who politely requested that we remove her name from this post. We have complied or the scary defamation man will be after us. Here is the polite communication that SHE WHO CANNOT BE NAMED sent us.





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