The Batchelorette – Caboolture Edition – Take 2

It is exciting when we are able to assist the members of the Caboolture community.

We previously brought you our attempt at matchmaking, with our featured catch Traveller77.

It does not appear that we were as successful as we hoped, as Traveller77 is still single and active on RSVP.

But fear not viewers, as we may have found a way to “sweeten the deal” so to speak.

We know that our Traveller77 likes to be waited on hand and foot.

But did our eligible guys, or gals (we do not judge here) know that you could have a trial period with our Traveller77?

We kid you not. Want to know what it is like to co-habitat with our traveller77?

Want to see how it is? Want to ‘try before you buy’?

Then join airbnb and all your dreams could come true.

Apply now, as we’re sure that booking will be going fast…


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