Stop vilifying our anna

Today we thought we would do a quick recap on our anna.

We need to remind people that our anna is the victim here. All you need to do is ask her and she will tell you.

Everyone who does not agree with her is a bully, even though people are usually just responding to our anna. We are all cyber-stalking her, even though she posts her ‘opinions’ on public groups And we are all harassing her, even when she sends private messages calling people abusive names.


Are we clear? Our anna is the victim…


As our anna clearly demonstrated here when Silvia Warren, a friend of anna’s from the anti-vaccination community decided to join in by replying to a post that our anna put up using one of her many fake accounts on her justice for toddler mason jet lee facebook page.

You remember fake accounts. They are the domain of cowards. They must be, because our anna says so.

Silvia Warren’s question:

How can you have a headstone in a lawn cemetry? So who paid for the funeral?

Unfortunately we were not quick enough to catch the response to this as our anna likes to delete any and all comments made that she does not agree with,

Suffice to say that the response was sufficient for Silvia Warren to reply OK.

Silvia Warren then commented:

all seems a bit strange to me that someone would try and put a headstone in a lawn cemetry, they normally have small plaques don’t they?


All quite innocuous, and easily answered, if you wanted to provide answers.

Unfortunately that was insufficient for our anna, who had to put her 2c worth in. So anna replied:

That’s the issue that I raised. How can a stranger organise a headstone…. And it has already been shown they don’t allow headstones!!!! That is fraud. My self and family have been vilified for daring to ask these questions. 😦 guilty much


Lets break anna’s post down sentence by sentence.

                That’s the issue I raised?

Here is our anna’s first comment on her page:

Please be careful donating to people claiming to be raising money for Mason’s headstone through a go fund me page…. Georgie Ford Young and Shuntel Lee are asking for donations


But here is our anna’s first comment on the Mason Jett Lee’s Law facebook page that posted the link to the GoFundMe page:

Georgina Ford Young is trying to scam $5000 off Mason’s death. That is abhorrent. Why would you post this. She is not a relative and does not have permission to do this. There is already a headstone organised!!!!!!


Exactly what “issue” was anna trying to raise? Our anna started by calling the fundraiser a scam. Where was her question? Where were her concerns? We think this was just a feeble attempt by our anna to do her “I’m a concerned parent” act. Instead of her actual “I’m a psychotic psychopath”.

                How can a stranger organise a headstone

How indeed. Probably when the organiser set up the GoFundMe page on behalf of her friend Shuntel Lee. The same Shuntel Lee that anna mentioned in her first post. Our anna knew that Mason’s Aunt was involved but still lied about it by claiming that Georgina Ford was not related to Mason, while ignoring Mason’s Aunts involvement.

                And it has already been shown they don’t allow headstones!!!!

Well, it must be true, No-one uses four exclamation marks unless what they are saying is true.

But hang on didn’t our anna say that “There is already a headstone organised!!!!!!”

But this has six exclamation marks. So it must be truer that when anna said that “And it has already been shown they don’t allow headstones!!!! “

We were so confused…

So we thought we would check with the people who don’t tell lies, or use excessive exclamation marks. here is the Morton Bay Cemetery Guidelines.

Point 4 quite clearly states “Council provides standard headstones and bronze plaques. However Council will consider requests for similar headstones of granite, sandstone or marble.”


Here is the link to the guidelines

                That is fraud.

What is fraud, we ask ourselves? Telling lies to try and disrupt an attempt to fundraise?

We would  expect that since our anna’s attempt to have the GoFundMe page removed failed, we would have to assume that Shuntel Lee was able to provide  GoFundMe with the evidence that she is indeed Mason’s designated next of kin.

Maybe Georgina and Shuntel should have offered our anna a percentage of the fundraiser?

                My self and family have been vilified for daring to ask these questions. 😦 guilty much

Seriously, did our anna just go there? Yes she did.

Here is the post we put up covering the evolving discussion.

This post includes the majority of the comments made during anna’s attack on Georgina and Shuntel. At no point was any member of anna’s family mentioned.

We agree that anna was attacked, but to quote our anna “Karma is a bitch my friend”. Our anna got what she gave, and in a way she could not cope with, as our anna deleted each and every post on her own pages.


We are quite happy to give anna the opportunity to respond. All we would ask is that she point out:

  1. anna, Where was your family vilified?
  2. anna , where did you actually asked questions?
  3. anna, why do you believe it’s okay to contact a parent of a suicide victim and state “No wonder your kids kill themselves”?
  4. anna, why do you make claims but never, ever actually provides any evidence to back yourself up? Isn’t that what all science is based on? Demonstrable, repeatable Evidence?

We are well aware that our anna is a regular visitor here. So the ball is in your court anna.


ADDENDUM: Our anna has deleted all comments involved in this discussion as she was not able to control the conversation that went on.


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