Support. Where are you when anna needs it?

Today we thought we’d delve back, with a link to a post that has been sent to us.

The post is on the “I’ll stand by Tony Abbott” facebook page.

And before you ask, the answer is yes. There is a page for EVERYTHING on facebook. Don’t believe us? Just try putting something random into the search field. Scary much?

Anyway, back to our story. The post was a reference to the article written by Jane Hansen about our anna’s GoFundMe money grab. If you’ve forgotten, all GoFundMe requests are scams. How do we know? Because our anna told us so.

To quote our anna “Anyone asking for donations, you would need to ask yourself WHY!!!!

The post quoted the article. The page admin made no additional comments.

But the 56 responses certainly did. A complete lack of support for our anna from Tony Abbott supporters.

Have a read through the replies. You will laugh. We certainly did.


UPDATE: The security settings for the post have been changed, so the link no longer works. To read the comments combine the two parts of the URL above. You will need to be logged into facebook to do this.



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