Welcome to anna’s assistant.

Continuing on from yesterdays post we could not continue without commenting on our anna’s post about why she removes posts from ‘her pages’.

Abusive comments will always be deleted.”

Always that is, unless they support the abuse that our anna is posting about others.

Welcome to our new segment, anna’s assistant.

Today’s anna’s assistant is a lovely person we shall call Sandy Corrie. We shall call her that because that is her name.

Now our anna has spent her recent time vilifying Shuntel Lee, the Aunt of Mason Lee and her friend Georgina Ford.

Why you ask? Because Shuntel & Georgina want to give Mason a headstone. Anna appears upset by this.

Why? All we can ascertain is because anna is unable to financially gain from this action.

Now anna has spent her time removing anything and everything that opposes her opinion that she is right and the world is wrong. Things like the link to the Morton Bay Cemetery Guidelines which shows that headstones are allowed. This link:


But along comes Sandy, who has spent the last few days attacking Mason’s family, Mason’s Aunt and Mason Aunt’s friends.

So anna deleted the comments, of course. Because they do not comply with anna’s rules. Remember, abuse comments will always be deleted. The comments were deleted, weren’t they?

Heck no. They are all still there for all to see.

Hypocrisy is a one way street in annaland.

We would like to point out one small issue we have with our Sandy. Our Sandy has alluded to the fact she is works in the child protection industry in Queensland, claiming she has “both personal & professional interest in this case…along with others of my region”.

We are not exactly sure, but with the amount of person attacks on Shuntel that Sandy has posted on our anna’s page (Sandy’s posts are included below) we have to question if Sandy is aware of the legislation that the covers child protection in Queensland.

Child Protection Act 1999
Chapter 2A Tribunal proceedings
Part 6 Confidentiality

Child Protection Act 1999
Chapter 6 Enforcement and legal proceedings
Part 6 Confidentiality and disclosure

 Every comment made by Sandy is a breach of these legislations.

So, from what Sandy and anna have done in the last few days we have determined that our anna is capable of:


  • Not following what she has posted as a ‘page rule’
  • Posting claims that she refuses to substantiate
  • Deletes posts that prove her posts were false
  • Posts outright lies
  • Deletes posts that prove her posts were outright lies
  • Posting threats in breach of the Telecommunications Offences and Other Measures Legislation
  • Allows others to post comments in breach of Child Protection Legislation


We think we have covered it all, but happy to add to the list if we have missed anything.

Update: It appears we have made a mistake. The “professional” interest that Sandy has in the Mason case appears to be her involvement in Centrelink.

We are unsure how a person on DSS benefits can consider her DSS payments “professional”.

As always we are happy to let Sandy or anna correct any inaccuracies in our post. If Sandy is not unemployed as the information we have been provided demonstrates all Sandy needs to do is provide the name of her employer. We can confirm this information is correct and update this post as required.



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