Special needs, our anna has them.

We have a secret to tell all of you.

Our anna is Anonymous. Or is it Anonymous is Anna?

Well, technically she is posting on the Anonymous Australia facebook group, but our way of saying it sounds so much cooler.

Before we get too far into this journey we need to make sure that you are all aware that our anna claims to be a special needs teacher. As a special needs teacher our anna would deal with students with learning difficulties, behavioural problems, physical or sensory disabilities, or any combination of these issues. Here is the current Queensland Education policy information:


One of the aims of the special needs program is to ensure that children with special needs are included in ‘normal’ school activities as much as possible, instead of isolating them as was the policy in years gone by.

So here we have our anna, showing compassion to a parent of a child with a disability

A person posted a link on the Anonymous Australia facebook group to the news article about an autistic child who had a microphone taken away by a teacher during a stage play. The link, and subsequent discussion has been removed from the Anonymous Australia facebook group. Here is a link to the story:


Sara Louise Spearpoint replied to the post on the Anonymous Australia facebook group, providing the point of view of a parent with an autistic child. Sara’s comment (screen shot of the comments is below).

Myself and a group of women part of an ASD group saw this before it hit the news, you think this is uncommon for our and children, it’s not. Our children are treated differently yet given the opportunity change the world! Some ASD kids have grown up and become famous. They have worse discrimination than most, they get classed in the bad behaviour category and as it has been put to some of us parents deserve a belting. The other day a mother who was helping her 5yr ASD boy over come fear of water, watched as the manager subjected her well more directed at her son a tirade of abuse because the little boy connected with a particular blue board. (We are in the process of helping her have this man named and shamed and fired). Another example the perfect parents of perfect children (laughing inside) started a argument saying special needs children should not be in there mainstream classrooms disturbing there children. yep a local mums group. Discrimination for our autistic children is a lot worse.

Our anna decided she needed to put in her 2c worth. keeping in mind that our anna and Sara Louise Spearpoint have never met. Our anna has no idea who Sara is, or anything about her children. And this comment comes from an alleged special needs teacher:

Maybe stop poisoning your kids than and no if they can’t attend mainstream school without wanting special treatment then they should not be there.

So we have anna, knowing nothing about Sara, or her children, or the scope of her children’s Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) telling Sara what caused her children’s ASD, and how Sara’s children should be educated.

Lets break it down a little. Our anna believes that vaccines are full or poisons, toxins, dead babies and any other crap she can think up. In anna’s mind autism did not exist prior to the introduction of the MMR vaccine in 1971. Our anna believes this because a de-registered doctor was paid £400,000 to say so. Who cares that Sara’s child’s ASD was caused by oxygen starvation at birth when the umbilical cord got wrapped around her child’s neck. (see the attached image below containing Sara’s response).

And our special needs teacher just told a parent that her child should not be in mainstream schools if they need special treatment. Exactly what does our anna provide if she doesn’t believe that children with special needs do not belong in the same schools as her.

Does a child in a wheelchair deserve to be excluded from mainstream schools? By anna’s standards they do, because they require special treatment. What about a blind child? Or a child with cerebral palsy? Or a child with aspergers?

Our anna’s gross stupidity raised its ugly head, showing her evil side again. At least Sara got the opportunity to ‘smack the ugly’ off anna’s comment.

As an added bonus, here is a list of people with ASD that have done far more than our anna. Wonder what our anna would say to learn that disabled people are better people than anna stancombe of Caboolture. We already knew this, but anna has a lot to learn.


And as an added bonus Satori Tajiris, developer of Pokemon

How Satoshi Tajiri’s autism helped create Pokemon




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