Did we do something wrong officer?

We have been asked on a number of occasions if the post ‘ Dealing with the Police, the anna way’ was just us having fun at our anna’s expense.

Sorry, but nothing we post is made up.

Our anna really did live post her detainment and arrest back on the 6th April 2015.

All we did was document the steps involved that took our anna from a routine traffic stop for an ‘alleged’ speeding ticket to a court appearance.

We particularly love the suggestions to use the ‘Freeman on the land’ defence, as suggested by Dale Eyles. Of course you should follow legal advice from your facebook friends, who have the requisite legal knowledge, such as Dale got from  Wodonga West Secondary College.


Here is the post again for all to enjoy, screen shots of the conversation added below:

  1. Get yourself stopped by the police for a traffic offence. the preferred method of anna appears to be speeding, but anything will suffice. Just don’t get carried away, if you’re thinking vehicular manslaughter you’ve gone too far.
  2. Immediately commence posting to social media, even though you will ignore their advice on how to proceed.
  3. Record the conversation.
  4. Refuse to deal directly with the police officer.
  5. Refuse to open your window, or to alight from your vehicle.
  6. Open a line of communication (through the closed window) by stating “Am I under arrest, or am I free to go?”
  7. Abuse anyone on social media who does not agree with your plan of action.
  8. When questioned by the police state “I am not contracted to you”.
  9. Tell the police office “I have been illegally detained”.
  10. Repeat steps 5 to 8 infinitum.
  11. When asked to produce your driver’s licence refuse to release it. Display it through your closed window. Take a selfie.
  12. Complain when the police office takes your picture to demonstrate that you were actually the driver.
  13. Complain bitterly when you are arrested.
  14. At this point progress to the ‘Freeman on the land’ defence on the advice of facebook legal.




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