Speed Racer, the live action movie

And you thought that our anna’s communication with SPER in July 2015 would be the end of her troubles with her traffic offences.

Oh how foolish of you.

Our anna is never one to do things by half.

So welcome to the 2016 edition of the continuing tale of our anna’s education of the Queensland SPER.


Our anna has raised the number of delinquent fines from 6 to 9, and still insists on taking all fines to court, or trying to anyway.

We are gladdened to see that anna has broadened her horizons though, adding running red/yellow lights to her selection of traffic offences.


below is the communication that our anna has so kindly provided to demonstrate how much respect she has for the law.

We always wonder how a person with so little respect for the law, and the people charges with upholding the law, can be so quick to try and intimidate and bully people by threatening to sue for defamation?

The saying what’s good for the goose is good for the gander springs to mind.

So here are the 2016 communications. Enjoy:



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