Don’t bully anna, that’s her job.



  1. An act or instance of using or closely imitating the language and thoughts of another author without authorisation and the representation of that author’s work as one’s own, as by not crediting the original author..
  2. A piece of writing or other work reflecting such unauthorised use or imitation.


There has been many times we have seen marked differences in the language our anna uses. The majority of our anna’s ramblings are usually an almost incoherent collection of poor spelling and abhorrent grammar.

But then every so often a post is put up that is almost perfect English. Too perfect in our eyes. Here is a post that fits that description.

Our anna considers that she is the victim of bullying and harassment. Our anna is of this belief because a small number of the people she has harassed online have treated her to the same behaviour that she has treated everyone else.

It always amazes us that a person can be disliked by so many people. Be they neighbours, work colleagues, family members, even random members of the Caboolture community.

So between accusing random people of being into kiddy and animal porn, or accusing people of poisoning their children, or belittling the mothers of people who commit suicide our anna likes to remind everyone that she is the victim of bullying and harassment.

In this instance our anna posted up definitions of Internet troll, Cyber-bullying and Cyber-stalking.


How is this plagiarism you ask, because we know our viewers like to ask questions.

We call it plagiarism because oddly enough we found exactly the same information, word for word on another website. A website that has been in action for 3 years. The definition  appears on every page on the site (excluding the Home page).


The site is run by the following people, you may note that our anna’s name is not amongst the names of the page writers.

  • Alison Greig
  • Jonathon Baldwin
  • Desiree Delaloye
  • Charles Wilson
  • Isabella Benhayon
  • Raymond Karam

The other thing from the universalmedicinefacts blog we enjoyed reading was the small portion under the heading ‘About This Website’. Replace the names Esther Rockett, Lance Martin and Robert Macindoe with anna stancombe and you have what our anna has been inflicting on others for years.



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