Solicitor anna at work

We have covered our anna’s dislike of the court system several times. Our anna has a special dislike (hatred?) of the Family Court system.

Could that be because our anna has to attend family court as her ex-partner has instigated court action to be allowed to see his children.

So, what is our anna’s advice to a person who is asking advice about Family Court from Facebook Legal?

Do not go to family court. Without court papers you do not need the other parties permission. You risk losing your kids if you step into the place.

Yep, our anna is advocating that a person deliberately restrict a childs access to their non-custodial parent.

When asked why anna responds:

Because it’s a 50/50 gamble if you enter the family court.

It always amazes us that our anna is so self centred that she would impose her own selfish beliefs onto another person, as our anna loves to dispense her legal expertise to others through facebook legal.

Who cares that what our anna is recommending has nothing to do with what is in the best interests of the children involved. You remember children?

They are the reason that parents end up in family court. To ensure that the children of a relationship gets what is in their best interests, not in what the our anna wants.

We have often wondered what our anna charges for her legal advice, since we have come to realise that our anna does nothing for free,




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