Another new threat from our anna.

Typical! Sorry, but that is all we can say. Typical!

We here at SGFTVOCAP/S headquarters decide to have our annual pre-Christmas weekend away, and our anna decides to go batshit crazy while we are all offline.

It’s like there is a spy in our midst…

Just kidding, no-one here at SGFTVOCAP/S headquarters can communicate with our anna as she refuses to communicate directly with anyone outside facebook.

Anyway, our anna decided that she needed to be the centre of attention at the Paralegal facebook page.

But since another member  has far more legal knowledge that our anna, our anna decided in her usual way that attack is the best form of debate.

So, as is our anna’s way she posted threats on the paralegal facebook page accusing Rod Sudy of using the alias Bobette Upton to send her the messages she received.

Here is Rob’s response to our anna. Special note needs to be directed to the post above where Rob acknowledges that our anna reported the post and had it removed.

As is our usual practice Rob Sudy is welcome to respond to our post.

UPDATE: A response from Rob Sudy has been posted on our facebook page, and we have updated this post to incorporate Rob’s comments.

The same offer is put to our anna. She can send us what she claims to have been sent.



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