Anna locates more paedophiles…

Another day, another paedophile outed by anna.

We have previously discussed our anna’s use of this claim to abuse people, but this is the first time we have seen the accusation being labelled against a husband and wife team.

This is an older threat though, as we see our anna using her anna patel persona. The account is now named anna stanconde.

Might we suggest that the Queensland Police close down their child abuse investigations team and just outsource the it to our anna, as she appears to be able to identify paedophiles just with a simple facebook conversation.

It is disappointing that a person who champions for changes to child abuse legislation feels that it is okay to make these accusations, time and time again.






  1. She can’t even spell properly and that is a serious accusation .I hope that she gets the karma she keeps talking about .What a horrible human being wonder what made her into this lying troll


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