The king is dead, long live the king.

Poor, Poor anna.

So much effort to censor facebook, but here we are, with another daily post.

Our anna, reported our facebook page again, and had the post linking to Rob Sudy’s trashing of anna’s facebook practice removed.

Sorry Rob, we had nothing to do with its removal, and the subsequent conversations.

We have never censored, removed or deleted a comment posted on our WordPress page, or on our facebook page. The only things ever removed are purely by anna’s own hand, and her abuse of the facebook reporting algorithms. Our only rule is ‘Keep it clean’ and to date everyone outside of our anna has done that.

Even though we don’t care if the page lives or dies our anna is so intent on removing all trace of her evilness from facebook that we have decided to created a replacement for this page and  will continue to keep a facebook presence purely to direct to here.

Our WordPress page is completely unaffected by our anna’s efforts, and at the current rate we expect to pass 10.000 visits early next week.

So enjoy your time here, and if you have any questions, enquiries, corrections, information or just want to vent don’t hesitate to use the contact us page.


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