Anna is abused? Again?

Today we have another of our anna’s attempt to play the victim.

Our anna has been harassing the extended family of Mason Lee since his abhorrent death.

Mason’s aunt Shuntel Lee has indicated that this harassment has been ongoing and that (in Shuntels words) our anna is “quite a nasty piece of work and has made a lot of false allegations”.

So here we have a screen shot posted by anna on her Justice for Toddles Mason Jet Lee page.


Our anna has posted what Shuntel sent her, accusing Shuntel of abusing her.

And what did Shuntel send her?

Anna’s own message to another Caboolture local, threatening to post that he is into animal and kiddie porn.

Then Shuntel responded with the comment ‘gee you are nasty!’.


Yep, that message. Perhaps our anna can explain why people can abuse her by posting images of her own words, un-redacted. Or why she needs to accuse people of being paedophiles when they do not agree with her.

We would like to note that we are happy to see that our anna has recently decided to edit the page title to correctly spell Mason Jett Lee’s name. It’s only taken six months for our anna to realise that she had it spelt incorrectly.


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