Sympathy, the anna way.

We previously covered our anna’s attack on a parent of an Autistic child.

We have been provided with additional screenshots of the conversation.

Now keep in mind that the post was in relation to a teacher taking a microphone off an autistic child during a school play.

But our anna decides to attack the parent of an autistic child.

Our anna believes that autism is caused by vaccines. And ONLY caused by vaccines. As far as anna is concerned Autism did not exist prior to vaccines, and specifically the MMR vaccine introduced in 1971.

So anyone with Autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who never received the MMR vaccine as a child?

Nope, they don’t exist in anna land.

Here is the complete conversation. We would like to draw your attention to the comment ‘Your vaccine damaged kids’. A comment made after Sara had already explained how her child’s Autism was caused by oxygen deprivation at birth.

Enjoy the ‘science’ our anna puts up in a discussion about how people treat autistic children differently. Even teachers of special need children.


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