Your stupid beyond belief

We here at SGFTVOCAP/S headquarters really enjoy the emails we receive.

Recently we were sent a screenshot of a discussion that occurred between our anna and Kate Squires where our anna decided that her extensive education makes her better qualified to  post her opinion on facebook that anyone else.

Our anna claims to be scientist majoring in biology with three degrees working for the CSIRO, whilst also being a high school science teacher.

Oddly none of our research has been able to substantiate our anna’s claims. We have a lot of information that contradicts what our anna claimed, but until we have verified the information we will keep them under wraps. Unlike our anna we like to ensure what we post is correct.

As is our anna’s way, how does our anna deal with a person who challenges her view?

‘Your stupid beyond belief’

Yep, abuse. Although the inability to abbreviate you are correctly sort of diminishes the insult somewhat.

Our anna then goes on,
My DEGREE says othewise you moron! What’s your degree??? I work at CSIRO
A quick look at Kate’s facebook profile shows that Kate has a Bachelor of Medical Science · from Charles Sturt University (Class of 2012)





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