look at me, I’m the victim.

Another day, another ‘look at me, I’m the victim’ post by our anna.

Our anna, using her Justice for toddler mason jet lee page posted the following message:

Stories of the harm of cyber-bullying, trolling and cyber-stalking are increasingly common. The anonymity of the online environment harbours the perpetrators where they are able to harrass and bully others without constraint, largely avoiding legal repercussions, until that day comes to their door.

Anyone can open up a web page and write what ever they want. And write what ever they want they do. The online environment allows those with a grudge, those who simply take pleasure at causing harm to others and those who are simply unhinged, to post malicious or provocative material online with the sole purpose of harming their targets through threats, repeated harassment or the dissemination of false accusations and defamatory material.

What our anna didn’t allow is the reply from Fergus mac Echdach. According to Fergus the reply was deleted within minutes. Perhaps our anna could explain what was so wrong with Fergus’s reply that required it to be deleted?

Was it “bullying”? Was it “malicious”? Was it “Threatening”?

Or maybe it was an apt description of our anna’s own actions on facebook. A place where harassment, bullying and abuse can be controlled if you know how to abuse the facebook reporting algorithms.

Here is Fergus’s reply.




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