We were wrong.

We owe you all an apology. We got it wrong yesterday. Really, really wrong.

We have been informed that the comment we made about our anna wanting your money so that she could cruise the pacific islands was completely wrong.

A member of the local Caboolture community read yesterday’s post, and sent us an email to advise us of our error.

It appears that our anna is not off to the pacific islands on a cruise.

No, our anna is off to Sydney to spend two weeks in an apartment overlooking Sydney Harbour for the Christmas/New Year break.

Now, our anna has spent a long time telling us all that she is the unable to afford her legal fees. Remember, only the rich can afford justice. As well as how her ex-partner refuses to pay child support, or that she is so poor that she was homeless last year.

Yet our anna can afford to stay in Sydney in an apartment overlooking Sydney harbour during the prime holiday season.

So we checked Airbnb (since our anna is a member) and the cheapest apartment overlooking the harbour we could find was for rent for $1400 for a two week period. This was not for the New Year period though, so we could not determine the holiday surcharge (if any) on that apartment.

Fourteen Hundred Dollars for accommodation for a holiday?

Unless our anna is using her Accor Club membership? Remember that one? The club she is suing for false advertising, but purchased multiple shares after threatening to sue?

Our anna can afford to go on a two week holiday to Sydney, yet only two days ago updated her GoFundMe page because she cannot afford her legal fees?

From a person so destitute that she needs to beg for money for legal costs that are already funded by legal aid?

And from a person who claimed to be homeless in 2015 when trying to get out of paying her outstanding SPER traffic fines?

UPDATE: We have been contacted by a person who claims that anna is not holidaying in an apartment overlooking Sydney Harbour over the Christmas/New Year period. We will wait to see how the holiday pictures pan out to see which of the people who contacted us is correct.


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