Happy New Year

Happy new year to all, and welcome back to the 2017 edition of the world according to anna.

We would like to start off this year with a post not specifically about anna, but about the anti-vaccination community that our anna is an active member of.

The anti-vaccinationists carry on about their human rights being breached. And that their freedom of speech is being suppressed. They will tell us all of the dangers of TOXINZ in vaccines.

But mainly they will put their hand out for money. Have you ever seen an anti-vaccination crusader who didn’t ask for money? We haven’t.

Twelve months ago the Australian Vaccination-skeptics  Network (AVsN) started a campaign to bring High Court action to stop the No Jab, No Pay legislation. The first notification about this asked for supporters to make pledges as they anticipated that the High Court action would cost upwards of $500,000.

Oddly the AVsN in its 20 year history has raised over 2.5 million dollars. All of this money is gone,  yet the AVsN has never demonstrated that this money has been spent on anything.

During the year the AVsN called in the pledges and we able to raise over $150,000 towards their High Court action.

But then as a Christmas present the AVsN sent out an email to its members advising that they would not be proceeding with the High Court action, and that roughly half the raised money had already been spent.

We could go into detail about this, but since it has already been clearly covered by others we will just post a link to the blog that covered it best.



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