Let’s sue Google…

Today we would like to bring our readers another tale from the vaults of facebook legal.

This tale starts from a screen shot we were sent. Well, actually it started from 103 screenshots we were sent.

The original post was not from our anna, but from another anti-vaccinationist called Lulu Langford. Odd sounding name we though, until we discovered that Lulu Langford’s real name is actually Louisa Kenzig.

We’re sure we remember a certain person calling people who don’t use their real name on social media cowards hiding behind fake names?

We would like to ask our anna why her friends using fake names is okay when other people can’t but we’re sure we will just be called bullies for doing so.

Anyway, back to Louisa’s post. Louisa came to facebook legal to ask advice on how to get another blogger to stop repeating what she posts. The blogger is a person known as Peter Tierney who operates the page Reasonable Hank (https://reasonablehank.com).

Louisa wanted advice on how to take out a ‘cease and desist’ order against Peter.


And our anna’s first response? Let’s get together and sue Google.

Seriously, that is what our anna suggested.


We enjoy watching people who discover the hard way that facebook is part of the real world, and not some secret organisation where you are not accountable for your actions.

To paraphrase one of the comments on the post, If you don’t want your words held against you do not write it in the first place.



  1. Odd sounding name? Ah by someone who does not reveal their name at all? Because your parents are ashamed of you (if indeed you have anyone brave enough to identify as your parents?) – God help you.


    1. Interesting that the anti-vaccination community always seem to have an issue with people not using their real name…

      But don’t use their real names.

      Why use the name Chrysalis?

      Why not Lulu Langford? Or Lulu Kenzig? Or Louisa Kenzig?

      The problem that the anti-vaccination community have is that they can’t seem to grasp that we don’t care if they use fakes names, and multiple profiles.

      Our anna, she of many names was the one who stated (and we quote)

      “Cowards hiding behind fake names”

      And if you bothered to check Louisa, anna has already published the name of the creator of this blog. It is not a secret, and it never was.

      It is just that it took our anna six months to work out how the internet works.

      I assume that this is you Louisa?



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