This is how you stalk, when you’re not stalking.

Today we would like to demonstrate the hypocrisy of our anna complaining about being stalked, harassed and bullied.

In this edition we would like to look at a response that Klav Curate made to our anna.

Our anna was off on one of her usual “prove me wrong” rants. and regardless of how many times people demonstrated the error of anna’s ways, our anna persisted in demanding “where is your proof”.

So Klav Curate posted the following response.


And how did our anna respond?

By ‘trolling’ (not our expression) facebook looking for posts by and about Klav, which our anna then copied and posted in response to Klav’s comment.

We all really enjoyed the responses to what our anna posted.

Why do you troll peoples personal pages?

Interesting hey, since that is exactly what she is accusing RH of doing lol


We would like to point out that Jill had it wrong. The comments that anna posted were not from Klav’s personal facebook page. The image and the comment are both available on public groups. The same as all of anna’s comments that we and others use.

Again, we really would be interested to see how our anna explains how what we, and others do is stalking, cyber-bullying and harassing yet it is ‘different’ when our anna does anything similar? Maybe the Australian Defamation Lawyers can answer that for our anna?

Below is the complete comment including our anna’s responses.



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