Hello darkness my old friend

Another day, another message.

A few days ago we received another email from our anna, sorry ‘Mina’.

And what did our anna, sorry ‘Mina’ have to say?

The sound of silence…. It’s deafening

We were a little confused by this as we are as active now as we have always been, so we asked

Not exactly sure what you mean by that anna. Care to explain?

It’s been several days without a reply, but it did remind us that we had not contacted Natalie Cahir, Tye Polson and Cathy Muckert as we said we would do.

Our anna, sorry ‘Mina’ claimed that ‘I also have a lot of information on Cathy Muckert – another relative of ‘our Anna’s’.’ so we thought we would ask Cathy if she had anything to say.

Keep in mind that this blog is about anna. No-one else. We have highlighted several other people, but only because of their capacity in enabling our anna.

Anyway, here is Cathy’s reply which we have reproduced with Cathy’s permission.

Hello, I have just seen and read your message, it was in my other folder. Sorry I am not sure that I can help you. I don’t know a Mina Patel, and yes Anna Stancombe is a 2nd cousin, but I do not have any information about her, due to the fact that our families have been estranged for approximately 30 year’s. I fail to see how Anna can claim that I have information on her due to the fact that I have not seen or spoken with her since she was a little girl. I have seen comments on fb page’s but choose not to be involved. As for Mina having information about me is very strange as I do not know this person. I hope that clarifies thing’s for you.

So, Cathy has never met Mina, and Cathy’s family has been estranged from anna’s family for approximately 30 years but ‘Mina’ has a lot of information about a person we are not here to expose.

We are perplexed as to what information that ‘Mina’ thinks we would be interested in, but the ball is in ‘Minas’ court. Although we will point out that our care factor regarding what ‘Mina’ has to say has peaked at a solid zero.



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