Won’t someone please think of the children?

Another day and another attempt by our anna to try and abuse an organisation.

Our anna posted this message on the 10th of January on the ‘The Hills Montessori’ facebook page:

Is it true you discriminate against Children who are healthy and refuse vaccinations?????

‘The Hills Montessori’ is a Child Care Centre run by I AM Montessori Pty Ltd (ABN: 12607010515), an Australian Private Company. It is located in Alexandra Hills, south east of the Brisbane CBD, over 70km’s away from our anna.

I AM Montessori run 19 childhood education facilities (2 Child Care Centres and 17 Family Day Care Centres) in the Brisbane region. The closest facility to our anna is a Family Day Care Centre in North Lakes (Tee’s Tiny Tots Montessori FDC), approximately 25km’s from Caboolture. It is fairly apparent that our anna is not likely to use any of the facilities available through I AM Montessori.

So why did our anna post this up, knowing that The Hills Montessori is a facility she is not likely to use?

Because ‘The Hills Montessori’ posted their Immunisation Policy on their website on the 9th of January. This policy is the same Immunisation Policy used by all by I AM Montessori Pty Ltd facilities


The Immunisation Policy is quite simple. No vaccination? No attendance!

It is a belief held by the anti-vaccination community that Montessori education facilities support the anti-vaccination community. This is an incorrect belief. One needs to keep in mind that the anti-vaccination community is made up predominantly of conspiracy theorists. The anti-vaccination community will tend to avoid what they refer to as ‘big brother’, so will radiate towards non-government schools, like Montessori. A statement from Montessori America shows that their position is quite apparent:

for the record, Montessori does not take an official position on the subject (although, generally speaking, we believe in science).

So how does our anna believe that ‘The Hills Montessori’ is discriminating against children?

We don’t know. What we do know is that if a person makes a decision for their children that goes against common sense, there are consequences. This is one of those examples.

I AM Montessori was not involved in our anna’s decision not to vaccinate her children. But since I AM Montessori is a private company, they can do as they see fit, within the confines of the current state and federal legislation covering Child Care facilities.

I AM Montessori’s Immunisation Policy complies with the Queensland Public Health Act 2005. This is covered in the Legislation in:

Queensland Public Health Act 2005

Chapter 5 Child health

Part 2 Contagious conditions

Division 1AA Exclusion of unvaccinated children from particular services

  • 160B When person in charge may exclude child not yet enrolled
  • 160C When person in charge may exclude enrolled child



We were also wondering about the rest of the children? Our anna only appears concerned with children who are healthy and are not vaccinated. But what about the others?

  • Children who are not healthy and are not vaccinated?
  • Children who are healthy and are vaccinated?
  • Children who are not healthy and are vaccinated?

Our anna doesn’t seem to get that child care facilities do not have to deal with the parents. They need to deal with the decisions that the parents make. Good, Bad or Indifferent.

We here at SGFTVOCAP/S headquarters applaud the decision that The Hills Montessori and I AM Montessori have made and hope that the backlash from the vocal minority is short and painless.

As a side note, The Hills Montessori caters for children 15 months to 5 years, we would really like to see the case that an under 6 comes up with for refusing to get vaccinated. We really do hope that our anna spends a bit more time practising her English language skillz, as to date they have been demonstrated to be an embarrassment to both anna and the Queensland Department of Education.



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