Misandry defined.

Another day, and another odd post from our anna.

Here is our anna posting information about the use of the family court by abusive fathers (image at the bottom of the post).

Well written, articulate, legible.

So it could not be from our anna, could it?

Nope. The post is copied directly from the website of American author Lundy Bancroft.


We wonder why our anna never appears to credit the actual authors of so much that she posts. Why is she trying to pass off this post as her own words when it is so easy to identify the actual author?

Will she threaten to sue us for copyright infringement for posting this image? Only time will tell…

But this post raises far more questions than it answers. Actually, this post does not actually answer any questions, but raises so many.

Is our anna inferring that only violent men go to court for custody issues?

Is our anna inferring that her ex-partner is abusive, even though our anna’s allegation of a history of domestic violence was found to be unsubstantiated?

Is our anna inferring that she is the victim again?

Is our anna really just a misandrist hiding behind facebook legal?

We also wondered why she deliberately removed the first paragraph from the post?

Is it because it does not support the point that she is trying to make?


Misandry and plagiarism in a single comment.

Is there nothing our anna can’t do?



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