Karma Cruise Line

Another day, another email that made us laugh.

A recent visitor to our page has pointed out that there is an interesting hole in the timeline we have demonstrated for our anna.

In March 2016 our anna created her GoFundMe page, wanting people to contribute to her ‘family court’ action against her ex-partner as I need help to raise this money’.

Oddly less than three months after creating the GofundMe page, our anna could be found not at home trying to save up the money for a solicitor, but over 3,500km away on the P&O cruise ship Pacific Eden.


That’s right, our anna took a 9 day cruise with her children, whilst claiming to be unable to afford to pay for her legal fees.

We have quickly calculated the costs involved with the cruise, including traveling from Caboolture to Fremantle return and staying overnight at the Pier 21 Apartments and have not been able to do this for less than three thousand five hundred dollars.

Yep, $3,500. This is from the person who claims to be too poor to pay her legal fees, and told SPER that she was destitute and homeless only 12 months before.

This is where the really interesting part comes into play. Even though the two things (the cruise and the GoFundMe money grab) are separate it is worth noting that the GoFundMe page was created on the 28th March 2016.

But the cruise required full payment to be made 75 days prior to the cruise. By our calculations that meant that the payment for the cruise was required by the 1st of April 2016. That is three days after the GoFundMe page was set up.



We here at SGFTVOCAPS Headquarters are not conspiracy theorists, but it’s an amazing co-incidence don’t you think?



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