Oh, and the Police are corrupt as well.

We here at SGFTVOCAPS Headquarters have the utmost respect and admiration for the members of Australia’s Emergency Services.

The Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance, SES, RFS, and all those we have not mentioned, put their lives at risk every day to ensure the we are all kept safe and well.

So it saddens us to know that 764 members of the Police force have died in the line of duty in Australia. 764 people died to ensure that we can live in a country where our safety is ensured.

To remember those who died the 29th of September has been designated National Police Remembrance Day, with a memorial being established in Canberra to honour those who died in the line of duty. http://www.npm.org.au/

On the 29th September the to commemorate National Police Remembrance Day  the  Austalian Federal Police (AFP) posted a short video under the title Today #WeRemember


Our anna decided that the AFP were in the need of her extensive knowledge on the police force.

And will they have a day to rember all the innocent lives taken by them? What about a remembrance for all the wrongful arrests and wrongfully jailed or they gonna pretend it never happened like usual?

We note, no evidence to back up our anna’s claims. Nothing but blanket accusations by the person who continually accuses people of defamation.

Fortunately our anna was challenged on her claims. This is how our anna responded.

What world do you live in? As it definitely not Australia happens every single day….. And getting worse. Corruption at it’s best. When a good cop is threatened with jail for exposing thugs within the Police force, something is seriously wrong!!! Surfers paradise anyone…..

Again, we note anna provided no evidence to back up her claims of innocent deaths, wrongful arrests, or wrongful gaoling. But now the police are corrupt.

Our anna was brought to task though, by a lovely lady called Tania McCartney who responded with the following

Why don’t you initiate this day? That would be a better use of your time than leaving disrespectful comments on a day that celebrates the lives lost that have kept YOU safe (and those you love) and if you disagree then you have absolutely no idea what goes on behind the scenes every single day of your life. These are REAL people with real families and children. They are not just a generic ‘force’ that you can categorize as one big lump. Show some respect.

Show some respect’. Such an apt comment, but one we are sure fell on deaf ears.




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