Someone needs new asbestos pants.

The joys of the internet.

Back on the 12th of December we did a post about our anna’s latest update to her GoFundMe page.

On that post we made the comment that our anna had Maybe a desire to cruise the pacific islands?”

This was a comment made since we know that our anna loves going on cruises.

We received an email in response to this post advising us that our anna was actually spending the Christmas/New Year’s holiday in “an apartment overlooking Sydney Harbour”

We covered this the following day, acknowledging our error. We have no qualms about identifying any error we may make, and are happy to correct our errors.

Heck, we even have a grammar nazi who sends us a message anytime we make a spelling mistake.

On the 17th we received a message from our anna, sorry ‘Mina’ who advised that we were wrong, and that

Anna is not holidaying at what ever make up places you say, where is your proof. We can’t just take your word for it…..

Sadly this is incorrect and a blatant lie….. You have made this up

We were shocked at the certainty that our anna, sorry ‘Mina’ displayed in her email. Our problem was we could not determine whether our anna, sorry ‘Mina’ was saying Sydney, Sydney Harbour or an apartment was the made up place she referred to.

So we update the ‘we were wrong’ post to include the comment:

UPDATE: We have been contacted by a person who claims that anna is not holidaying in an apartment overlooking Sydney Harbour over the Christmas/New Year period. We will wait to see how the holiday pictures pan out to see which of the people who contacted us is correct.

Interestingly, it was not the ‘pictures’ but our anna’s words that demonstrated that our anna, sorry ‘Mina’ was not telling the truth.

On the 1st of January our anna posted a review on the Rythymboat facebook page

Don’t know that there isn’t to like. Great good, amazing infact. Awesome staff and great show. Thanks for a lovely evening. My family had a ball. Highly recommend.


As an amazing coincidence we noted that the day before our anna posted her review Rythymboat did a New Years Eve cruise, at $520 per head….


So our anna was in Sydney during the Christmas/New Year period.

We wonder why our anna, sorry ‘Mina’ needed to lie about something so easily proven. What else did our anna, sorry ‘Mina’ lie about in her emails to us. Well, apart from having ‘information’ about Cathy Muckert. Or that we were being led astray by Tye Polson or Natalie Cahir. Or that we don’t check our facts.

It makes us wonder if our anna was using her Accor membership, as the Accor vacation club hotel is in Darling Harbour, overlooking Sydney Harbour as we were informed?


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