Celebrate 100!

Sorry, but we missed it.

Yesterday’s post was number 100.

WooHoo us.

Amazing just how much our anna has provided us with that we are still posting after 3 ½ months.

We have covered everything from our anna’s multiple personality disorder, to her desire for money. From her love of cruises, to her extensive legal knowledge. From her ability to abuse people for disagreeing with her, to her lying about her educational qualifications.

It may take our anna longer than normal people, but it may finally dawn on her that we are not going away, and neither is our blog. Our job is done, but is not over.

If you google our anna’s most common names our blog appears right up there with Reasonable Hank, scamwatch. And the media coverage of her Gofundme page.

Our only advice that we can give our anna is:

 There is no reporting algorithm in the real world. What you do is what you are responsible for. Good and Bad. Karma really is a bitch, and you are not our friend.

 And as one of our correspondent explained it to us.

  • If you go to a mental institution all of the patients will deny being crazy.
  • But if you ask them who is the crazy one they will all point to one person.
  • What you have is the person so crazy that even the crazy people think that they are crazy.
  • Anna be thy name

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