Our anna cries poor, again.

Another day, another attempt by our anna to cry poor.

This comment was posted on the 17th of November 2016.

Not everyone can pluck money from thin air, so what do you suggest those that can not afford justice do?

Just so we are clear, our anna posted this comment between taking the family to Fremantle for a 9 day cruise and spending two weeks in Sydney with the family over the Christmas/New Year’s period.

We have also been informed there may also have been holidays in Melbourne and the Gold Coast during the same six month period, but we are still waiting on verification of those.

How a person who can afford thousands of dollars worth of holidays in only six months yet can cry poor is beyond our comprehension.

Besides, the point we actually want to bring to our readers attention was the claim by our anna that you need to afford justice.

No anna. Do you know what you need to get justice.


Liars do not deserve it.


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